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Captain and crew of R/V Atlantis.

Captain and crew of R/V Atlantis.
Captain and crew of R/V Atlantis.
Captain and crew of R/V Atlantis.
Captain and crew of R/V Atlantis.
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Kleindinst, Thomas N.
Captain and crew of R/V Atlantis.
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Association For Rescue At Sea (AFRAS) award presented to the R/V Atlantis crew for rescuing 93 people from a distressed ship in the Mediterranean Sea November 25th, 2011. This was also the Dive and Discover Expedition 14 cruise.
Kneeling in front, left to right:
James McGill, Peter Leonard, and Patrick Hennessy;
Standing, left to right:
Captain A.D. Colburn, Cathy Offinger, Ben Tradd (back), Jerry Graham, Marcel Viera, Ronnie Whims (back), Allison Heater, Paul Ruh (back), Michael Spruill, Colin Walcott, Matthew Slater, Timothy Logan, Lance Wills, Monica Hill, and Richard Barnes.
Image Of the Day caption:
In November, 2011, while in the Mediterranean Sea on a Dive & Discover research mission, R/V Atlantis rescued 93 men from a foundering fishing boat. The ships crew and ROV Jason expedition team provided the men food, water, blankets, and dry clothing while transporting them safely to Greece. This past April, the crews gathered at the WHOI dock to receive an award from the Association for Rescue at Sea. Front row, from left: James McGill, Peter Leonard, Patrick Hennessy. Middle row: Capt. AD Colburn, Catherine Offinger, Jerry Graham, Marcel Viera, Allison Heater, Michael Spruill, Colin Wolcott, Matthew Slater, Lance Wills, Monica Hill, Richard Barnes. Back row: Ben Tradd, Ronnie Whims, Paul Ruh, Timothy Logan.
Photo by Tom Kleindinst
© Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
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