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GFD Group Photo 2013

GFD Group Photo 2013
GFD Group Photo 2013
GFD Group Photo 2013
GFD Group Photo 2013
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Kleindinst, Thomas N.
GFD Group Photo 2013
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2013 Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Participants:
1st Row: Sarah Gille, Catherine Jones, Yuki Yasuda, Ton van den Bremer, Tobias Bischoff, Greg Wagner, Daniel Lecoanet, Kate Snow, Karin van der Wiel, Pascale Garaud, Varvara Zemskova, Kelly Ogden;
2nd Row: Charlie Doering, Rosie Oglethorpe, Greg Chini, Ted Johnson, David Goluskin, Joseph Keller, George Veronis, Stefan Llewellyn Smith, Paul Linden, Claudia Cenedese, Joseph Pedlosky, Eric Chassignet, Gordon Zhang, Luisa Ottolenghi, Oliver Buhler;
3rd Row: Ed Spiegel, Jie Yu, Jack Whitehead, George Hagstrom, Phil Yecko, Louis Howard, Karl Helfrich, Bruce Sutherland, Brian White, Rich Kerswell, Jim Anderson, Peter Rhines, Basile Gallet, Rebecca Dell, John Gille, Cedric Beaume, Sonya Legg, Dhruv Balwada, Zhiming Kuang
Image Of the Day caption:
Many people consider the porch at Walsh Cottage at WHOI to be a sacred place. Each summer since 1959, some of the greatest oceanographers, physicists, and mathematicians have gathered here with promising new students in a fellowship program to explore the fundamental motions and physics of oceans, rivers, magma, atmospheres, and other fluid mediaa field called geophysical fluid dynamics. The programs annual Sears Public Lecture is tonight at 5 p.m. in Redfield Auditorium. Susan Lozier of Duke University will discuss the overturning of the North Atlantic Ocean, a phenomenon that sends cold, dense water to the abyss, propels the global ocean current system, and regulates Earths climate.
Photo by Tom Kleindinst
© Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
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